Holiday Playschemes

Bath Area Play Project has been in existence since 1979 providing open-access holiday playschemes across the city – mainly residential areas, areas where there is little if anything organised for play. Please see our History section for more information.


Today BAPP provide two different closed-access holiday play provisions serving two different communities in Bath. These are funded through contracts with B&NES Children’s Services which determine which areas we work in. Both are deemed a high priority as they support disabled children and their parents/carers to have a short break and are in the top priority for service provision for the local authority Children & Young People’s Plan.


We also run a series of Community Playdays, Let’s get moving, Family Play sessions and Play Out Wild days all run 1 to 4pm in parks across Bath during the main school holidays.



National Playday runs 12 to 3pm in Queen Square. Come and join the celebration of the child’s right to play and help make Queen Square a playful place to play! BAPP’s inclusive holiday play provision is open to all children aged 5 – 12 years of age.


The play provision is all registered with OFSTED and can be inspected when they choose. Recent reports are available on the OFSTED website.


Closed-access play provision


BAPP are contracted to provide two holiday playschemes. One specifically for disabled children aged 5 – 19 years based at Three Ways School and an inclusive holiday playscheme for disabled and non-disabled children aged 5 – 12 years based at the Hut.


We work in partnership with Three Ways School, Fosse Way School, BOP and KIDS  in order that there is a high quality play provision locally to where children and families live.


Closed-access means that children have to be pre-registered with BAPP and the setting has a pre-determined maximum number of children they can have attending one session (the capacity). You must book places in advance by completing a Booking Form and if you haven’t used BAPP before, you will also need to fill in a Registration Form. Information has to be provided by the child’s parent or carer about the child including contact details and details of any allergies.


Booking forms are usually sent out from the BAPP office 5-6 weeks prior to the play provision starting. There is limited transport provided to enable disabled children to access the play provision, many of whom come from across B&NES and not just in the immediate locality. Approximately 70% of children attending this play provision are disabled.


Our team


For all play provision staff undergo rigorous training to ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities; health & safety where staff undertake daily checks and risk assessments of activities; child protection where staff understand their responsibilities; disability awareness where staff develop understanding of inclusion and the social model of disability; behaviour management where they develop strategies for dealing with unacceptable behaviour. All play provision is staffed by qualified and experienced playworkers including Threeways staff who are all DBS Checked. There will always be a qualified first aider at each play provision who has undertaken a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid training.


Playworkers have a very clear role – to facilitate and support children at play; playwork is not about controlling or dictating what children should and shouldn’t do, it is about ensuring children have access to appropriate resources and equipment, that they have space for play and there are people available if they choose to play with someone else.




You must book places in advance by completing a Booking Form and, if you haven't used BAPP before, you will need to fill in a registration form.


All our play provision follows the 7 best play objectives which are:

  1. The play provision offers choice and control that children have over their play, freedom to enjoy and satisfaction they gain from it.
  2. BAPP recognises the child's need to test boundaries and responds positively to that need.
  3. Play provision manages the balance between risk and keeping children safe from harm.
  4. Play provision maximises the range of play opportunities.
  5. Play provision promotes independence and self-esteem.
  6. Play provision encourages children's respect for others and offers opportunities for social interaction.
  7. Play provision fosters child's well-being, healthy growth and development, knowledge and understanding, creativity and capacity to learn.

This means that whilst there is no curriculum for play, no pre-conceived idea of what children should be doing or achieving, there is an understanding by the playwork profession that what we are providing for children is a range of experiences and opportunities for children to develop skills and confidence through play.


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