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We offer play opportunities to families from various backgrounds. Through our commitment to providing play opportunities, we aim to create a positive and inclusive environment for families. Play isn't just a recreational activity; it's a powerful tool for fostering connection, growth, and resilience. By engaging with the Bath Area Play Project, families can access valuable resources and experiences that contribute to their overall well-being. 

Our focus on play goes beyond recreation; it's about building a supportive community where families can find joy, connection, and a sense of belonging. Your support for Bath Area Play Project enables us to continue providing these vital play opportunities, making a lasting impact on the lives of families in our community. 


As a local business in Bath, your support will directly impact the lives of families and children within our community, perhaps even those connected to your own workforce. For businesses located outside the area, your customers, the heartbeat of your enterprise, could very well be among the families we assist. 

Engaging with our cause provides numerous advantages for your company, tailored to the Bath Area Play Project, including: 

  • Boosting staff morale and fostering employee engagement. 
  • Cultivating a sense of accomplishment, productivity, and loyalty among your team. 
  • Creating unique team-building opportunities through organizing fundraising events. 
  • Enhancing customer loyalty, as studies show that 85% of consumers view a product or company more positively when it supports charitable initiatives. 


Your commitment to Bath Area Play Project not only transforms the lives of local families but also enriches the fabric of our community. 

Sponsor a Play Day

We need your help!

Every summer Bath Area Play project provides play days for families at various locations around Bath and North East Somerset.

These playdays are FREE for families to access but cost over £1000 per day to put on.

Last year, BAPP provided 16 playdays over a four-week period.

This year BAPP are asking local businesses to sponsor play days in their area.

Sponsorship options can be tailored to your budget but can include...

Being named as a sponsor of the event on our leaflets, which are distributed to every primary school child in B&NES

Being named as a sponsor of the event on our posters, which are displayed in public buildings (including libraries, GP surgeries, churches and more), local businesses and in prominent locations around your local area.

Being tagged in social media frequently in the run up to, during and after the event. Last year's posts about our playdays had a 30k reach.

The option to set up a stand or distribute promotional material at your local playday.

Last year we hosted play days in the following postcodes....


Please CONTACT US to discuss options or for more information.


BAPP Apprentice 45

Calling all businesses in Bath and North East Somerset and beyond!


We're thrilled to announce the #BAPPApprentice45, celebrating 45 years of play with a touch of entrepreneurial flair! 

Join the Challenge: We're handing YOU £45 to kickstart a fundraiser for BAPP. Form a team of 2-10 members, appoint a leader, and let the entrepreneurial journey begin! 


Fundraising Guidelines: Each team must raise a minimum of £150. We've got your first £45 covered! All fundraising activities must be legal, ethical, and align with our ethos. 


Key Dates: 

Launch: 1st February 2024 

Submission Deadline: 1st June 2024

Prizes Await: The winning team gets recognition on social media, our website, a certificate of appreciation! You’ll also get to cut the ribbon at our first summer play day. And, you'll be the guest of honour at our Play Star Awards! 


Impact Lives: Funds raised support play initiatives for local children and their families. Your creativity and dedication can make a lasting impact on our community. 


How to Join:

Form your team. 

CLICK HERE to register. 

-Start your journey with the hashtag #BAPPApprentice45 


Community Support: Share your progress and ideas. We're here to support you every step of the way! 


More Info & Terms: EMAIL US for more information.

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